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Whitetail deer doe with two fawns

kind words

"All art, all photography looks within us to find a shared experience that it can reach us with, build upon, and give flight to our own memories and feelings. Carol's  images reach into your memories and grab at your emotions. She has captured those special little intimate moments we all have with ourselves, yet they are moments that we all share. They create a footnote to our visits of those memories, and help make them real once again."

Paul Ott, Photographer     


"I received my photos, and they are beautiful.... I think it took me so long to get back to you because I couldn't make a decision. All your pictures are amazing!"

                                                         ~  Anne Svensen
                                                              Medway, MA

"I am the proud owner of several of Carol's 8x10" photographs, and I am extremely pleased with my purchases. Carol is a versatile and talented photographer, and while I am certain her photographs are technically excellent, I am drawn to her work for other reasons.

"As an artist myself, the thing I initially pay attention to when looking at photography or art in general is what sort of emotional response I have to the work. Whether or not I consider it 'good' depends on what feelings come up for me. Things I appreciate are the composition, the use of light, and often, though not always, the subject matter. As a geometric abstract artist I am also particularly interested in shape, line, texture and colour.

"Carol has a wide range of subject matter from landscape and nature/wildlife to abstraction. I am a fan of all of her work but if I were to choose one area where I believe she has particular talent, it would be her wildlife photography. I feel here her photographs are outstanding for their emotional impact, their use of light, and of course her chosen subjects. I also really like her 'architectural' photography, and her barns especially remind me of the wonderful artist, Andrew Wyeth."

~  Maggie Dunlop, Artist        

Belfast, Northern Ireland    


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